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About White and Case

White & Case is an international law firm that has a presence in almost 40 countries worldwide. Founded over 100 years ago in New York, the firm's expertise covers a wide range of legal services, including corporate, finance and litigation.

With over 2,000 lawyers across offices on six continents, White & Case strives to provide leading-edge legal solutions to its clients. By offering cutting-edge advice and strategic perspectives across a wide range of industries and practices, the firm is well-positioned to help clients navigate complex legal issues. The firm provides results-oriented counsel for governments and corporations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

White & Case's global reach includes multiple locations in North America and Europe as well as Asia Pacific region, with offices located in China, Japan, South Korea and India.

White and Case Application Process

White & Case provides excellent career opportunities for those interested in a legal career. If you're looking to apply for a job at White & Case, here's what you need to know about the application process.

White and Case Online Application

The online application process at White & Case is simple and straightforward: first, applicants must complete a form that includes basic personal information such as name, contact details and education history. From there, they can upload a resume or CV and any relevant documents to support their application.

White & Case also gives applicants the opportunity to track the status of their applications after submitting them through its secure portal system.

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a video interview.

White and Case Video Interview

White & Case video interviews allow candidates to answer pre-recorded questions from home, rather than being interviewed in person.

You will be given 3 questions, with 15 seconds to prepare and 90 seconds to answer. You'll also be given the opportunity to complete a practice question to help you feel more at ease although it's worth preparing beforehand so you go in feeling more confident.

The types of questions asked may range from personal background and experience inquiries, to more complex legal analysis scenarios.

White & Case Telephone Interview

Depending on the role you've applied for you may participate in a telephone interview. This interview allows recruiters to assess an individual's communication skills, enthusiasm, and motivation to work in a fast-paced legal environment. Candidates can expect questions that focus on their experience, qualifications, career goals, and aspirations. They should be prepared to provide clear examples of how they could contribute value to White & Case if hired.

Overall, the goal of this telephone interview is to establish whether or not there is enough interest and suitability in candidates before proceeding with more thorough interviews at a later stage.

White & Case Face to face Interview

If you impress the recruiters and demonstrate qualities that White & Case looks for you may be invited to further interviews.

The White & Case face-to-face interview typically lasts between 30-45 minutes, depending on the candidate. During this time, the interviewer will use this time to get a better sense of you as a person by asking various questions about your qualifications and experiences. You should prepare yourself for questions such as "why do you want to work at White & Case?" and "what makes you stand out from other applicants?"

Additionally, the interviewer may ask more general questions about your interests or hobbies outside of law in order to gain insight into who you are beyond your professional achievements.

Be prepared to talk about

  • Your experiences so far
  • Why you're interested in a career in law
  • Why you're interested in joining White & Case
  • Any questions you have

White & Case Training Contract Interview

Every law firm has a different approach to training contract interviews, but most will ask similar questions, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the firm, current affairs and why you want to be a lawyer, among other things.

To prepare, you should ensure you read up on current affairs and understand the law firm well.

White and Case Revelian Aptitude Tests

For some roles, you may be sent a series of aptitude tests through the test publisher Revelian. These include:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Cognitive ability
  • Abstract reasoning

White & Case's aptitude tests require applicants to demonstrate their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking skills, as well as their legal knowledge.

They must also show commitment to the profession by demonstrating an awareness of professional ethics and standards. The tests include multiple-choice questions, logical reasoning exercises, writing samples, situational judgment tests, and other assessments.

It is important for potential candidates to be well-versed in these areas before embarking on the test as they can prove difficult if not prepared correctly.

White & Case Numerical Reasoning

A numerical reasoning test is a type of assessment commonly used by employers to gauge the quantitative reasoning abilities of job applicants. This type of test measures an individual's ability and speed in solving problems that involve charts, graphs, tables, and other mathematical data. It is often used as a tool for assessing candidates for positions that require individuals to make decisions involving financial analysis or management.

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to assess an applicant's ability to quickly interpret numerical information and arrive at accurate conclusions. This involves being able to use the given data to calculate the most effective solution. Typically, these tests consist of multiple-choice questions which require applicants to analyze numbers quickly and accurately under timed conditions to determine the best response within a given amount of time.

White & Case Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests are an assessment used in the recruitment process to measure a job applicant's analytical and critical thinking skills. They provide employers with an indication of how successfully the candidates can comprehend, evaluate and work with verbal information. The tests often involve reading passages of text, understanding their meaning and answering questions based on the content.

The verbal reasoning test is designed to measure a person's ability to understand complex instructions, assess arguments and draw logical inferences from written material. It also helps employers identify individuals who have strong problem-solving skills and are able to think through problems logically and accurately. The format of the test typically consists of multiple choice questions or true/false statements that require applicants to answer based on their understanding of the information provided in a passage or statement.

White & Case Cognitive ability

A cognitive ability test is an assessment of an individual's mental capacity. It measures various aspects of thinking and problem-solving abilities, such as spatial awareness, and working memory. Cognitive ability tests come in many different formats including multiple-choice questions, puzzles, diagrams or items that require written responses.

The purpose of the test is to measure a person's capacity to think critically and make decisions independently to predict their future job performance.

White & Case Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning tests are a common law test used to measure a person's ability to think conceptually and logically. They are often used in law firms to assess aptitude and determine how suitable a candidate is for certain positions. These tests are designed to evaluate the potential of an individual's cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The format of the abstract reasoning test typically consists of multiple-choice questions with several possible answers. Questions usually involve patterns or pictures that need to be identified or relationships between shapes or figures that must be determined. The key purpose of this type of assessment is to evaluate the individual's ability to identify underlying concepts quickly, draw logical conclusions from them, and come up with solutions for problems that may arise in various situations.

White & Case Assessment Day

White & Case Assessment Day is an important part of the application process for those wishing to join this prestigious international law firm. It is a chance for potential recruits to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, as well as showcase their potential fit within the organization.

The assessment day at White & Case usually consists of:

  • Group Business Simulation
  • Written Assessment
  • Group Business Simulation
  • Work Tasks

Many of these tasks during the two-week assessment are designed to assess your problem-solving skills and abilities.

White & Case Written Assessment

White & Case prides itself on using rigorous written assessments during its recruitment process. Generally speaking, you will be given a topic at the start of the assessment and asked to write an essay or report within a specified time frame. The length of this will depend on your position but typically should range from 1-2 pages long.

The assessment requires that you demonstrate your ability to think critically about legal issues and structure an argument clearly and concisely. This means that you should include evidence from sources such as case law, legislation or academic articles in order to support your points.

White & Case Group Business Simulation

The White & Case Group Business Simulation is a group activity that simulates a typical business case - it offers participants an opportunity to practice and develop their professional problem-solving and negotiation techniques in a safe and secure environment. The experience typically consists of two days of activities, with small teams competing against each other for the best outcome.

During this format, teams will be presented with various case studies that they must analyze to determine the optimal solution while working together as a team. Additionally, they will also be required to negotiate deals with competitors while trying to maximize the benefits of their own team.

White & Case Work Tasks

At White & Case, the format of work tasks depends on which group or department you are assigned to. At the most basic level, candidates may be asked to read through case files, research various topics related to the current case, and attend weekly meetings with other colleagues in their department. Depending on their experience level, candidates may also be asked to assist in preparing legal briefs or draft documents relating to client cases.

White & Case Feedback

The White & Case feedback stage is a chance to give and receive feedback at the end of the two-week assessment.

Sample White & Case Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

A client's financial documentation over the past year shows uneven distribution of their legal spend across various cases. Given the cyclical nature of their industry, how would you go about projecting their legal spend for the next quarter?

  • Analyze historical data from the previous five years to understand spending patterns.
  • Disregard past spending data as irrelevant to future projections.
  • Base projections solely on the legal spend of the most recent case.
  • Assume legal spend will decrease without considering industry trends.

During a contract negotiation, two parties reach conflicting points. After analyzing the information, one party made a concession which aligned with a previously observed pattern in their negotiation style. Which of the following best represents this pattern?

  • They tend to concede on financial terms after three instances of resistance.
  • Their concessions are only on contractual terms irrelevant to the issue at hand.
  • They typically extend the negotiation period before making any concessions.
  • They never make concessions and always pursue arbitration.

A legal team is devising a sequence of actions to address a recent compliance issue. If the previous steps included reviewing the case, consulting the involved parties, and drafting a response plan, what should logically be the next step in this sequence?

  • Finalizing the defense arguments before the review is complete.
  • Implementing the response plan after drafting and before final review.
  • Commencing negotiations without consulting all involved parties.
  • Revising the response plan according to received feedback.

A lawyer must justify the use of a specific legal precedent that seems counterintuitive at first but aligns with the case when thoroughly analyzed. What logically justifies this approach?

  • The precedent is from a case that was overturned upon appeal.
  • The precedent deals with a different aspect of law altogether.
  • It was set by a court of a different jurisdiction but addresses similar facts.
  • The precedent is outdated and has since been invalidated by new legislation.

While preparing for a patent dispute, a paralegal must understand the basis of a mechanical claim which relies on the application of force translated through a series of gears. What factor is most crucial for determining the validity of the claim?

  • The color of the gears used in the patented device.
  • The material compositions of the springs involved in the gear mechanism.
  • The ratio of the gear sizes and the subsequent force amplification.
  • The brand of the gears used in constructing the prototype.

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White & Case Assessments Tips

Familiarize with the Format

Understanding the typical structure of legal-sector tests is the first step toward success. At Law Tests, we've crafted practice exams that mimic the format you're likely to encounter when applying to White & Case. Get comfortable with the types of questions and the pacing to give yourself a head start.

Keep Up with Current Events

Staying updated with the latest happenings in both local and international law can give you an edge. White & Case deals with a multitude of global legal matters. Having a broad understanding of ongoing legal cases and trends can aid in providing context to situational judgement and problem-solving questions.

Hone Your Critical Thinking

Practice tests on Law Tests aren't just about memorizing answers, they're designed to sharpen your analytical skills. Take time to reflect on why an answer is correct and how legal principles apply. White & Case values keen minds that can navigate complex situations.

Review Standard Legal Concepts

Though the tests will challenge your innovative thinking, they are also rooted in standard legal knowledge. With our Law Tests practice exams, you can review key concepts that any job in the legal sector, including those at White & Case, would expect you to know.

Simulate the Real Environment

To truly prepare for the White & Case application process, replicate the testing conditions when you practice. Find a quiet place, set a timer, and focus as if you were in the actual exam. Doing this helps reduce anxiety and enhances your performance when the real test day comes.

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White & Case Assessments FAQs

What do White & Case look for in trainees?

A 2.1, a passion for law, a team player and a can-do attitude are qualities White & Case look for in their trainees.

How long should the white and case cover letter be?

Cover letters generally should be no longer than one side of A4.

What are White & Case core values?

Pioneering, United, and Human are White & Case's core values. It is important to try and reflect these values throughout the hiring process.

What test publisher does White & Case use?

White & Case have been known to use Revelian as their test publisher of choice.

Where can I practice free test questions?

You can practice free test questions to prepare for your White & Case assessment here.