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About Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie is a global law firm with office locations in nearly 80 countries. Over the last 70 years of operation, it has established a respected strategy that combines local insight with global reach. The firm prides itself on its open, inclusive, and collaborative culture.

Baker McKenzie's clients include investment banks, venture capital funds, large technology companies, and many household brands.

It works across ten practice areas: Banking; Corporate; Dispute Resolution; Employment; EU, Competition and Trade; IPTech; Pensions; Real Estate; Structured Capital Markets; and Tax.

The firm has opportunities for experienced hires and offers training contracts for graduates.

Individuals on training contracts also have the opportunity to apply for an International Vacation Scheme, to go on secondment to one of Baker McKenzie's offices across the globe.

There are also Spring and Summer Vacation Schemes and Insight Days for students to gain experience of what it's like to work for the firm.

Baker McKenzie Application Process

The application process for vacancies and training contracts at Baker McKenzie is competitive, as the firm is well-regarded and offers a sought-after remuneration and benefits package.

The recruitment process consists of an online application, online aptitude testing, a video interview, and an assessment centre – which itself involves a series of individual and group tasks.

Baker McKenzie Online Application

For the first step of the process, you'll need to create an online account with Baker McKenzie and log your application form. The online application requires you to input your work experience, academic background, and extracurricular activities.

You will also need to answer a few questions related to your skills, along with your motivation for law and your interest in Baker McKenzie.

Once you've submitted your application, it will be screened to ensure you meet Baker McKenzie's criteria. If you do, you'll be emailed links to complete some online tests.

Baker McKenzie Aptitude Tests

Baker McKenzie uses online psychometric testing to gain insight into a candidate's ability and behaviours. You will be asked to complete two assessments, a verbal reasoning test and a situational judgment test.

Baker McKenzie Verbal Reasoning Test

The Baker McKenzie verbal reasoning test assesses the capability of candidates to analyse and interpret written passages. The test will feature a series of paragraphs, each accompanied by a selection of multiple-choice questions.

You will be presented with statements based around arguments, deductions, or inferences from the text, and be asked to indicate whether each given statement is 'true', 'false', or if you 'cannot say' from the information in the paragraph.

To be successful, you will need to read the text – paying close attention to detail – and answer the questions based only on the information provided. The test will be timed, so maintaining speed and accuracy under pressure is vital.

Baker McKenzie Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgement test gives insight into how candidates respond and react to certain situations. They are used to see whether a candidate is the right fit for an organisation, based upon their behavioural preferences.

The test presents a series of hypothetical workplace scenarios. You will be asked to rate a selection of options, indicating which would be closest to your course of action in the given circumstances.

The test will be timed, so you'll have to work at a steady pace.

Situational judgement assessments are often tailored to the organisation's culture and values, so research these and keep them in mind as you complete the test.

Baker McKenzie Video Interview

If you achieve a high score in both online assessments, you'll be invited to complete a video interview. This interview requires you to answer a series of pre-recorded questions.

You'll be given a time limit to record each answer. Have skeleton answers and strong evidence prepared, so you're ready to respond confidently to any question asked.

There will be an opportunity to record a practice answer and get used to the interface, so don't worry about navigating the technology.

This is the first chance for the recruitment team to get more of an idea of who you are and how you come across, so remember to relax and be yourself. When recording your answers, be aware of your body language and look straight into the camera.

Use a quiet space, free from distractions, and ensure you appear professional – with smart clothing and a neutral background.

Baker McKenzie Assessment Centre

If you impress in the video interview, you'll be invited to take part in a Baker McKenzie assessment centre. This involves a group exercise, a document checking exercise, a partner interview based on a case study, and a final interview with an associate.

Depending on the circumstances, the assessment centre may be held online or at a Baker McKenzie office.

The group exercise aims to give insight into how well you work collaboratively. Teamwork is a strong part of Baker McKenzie's culture, so you'll need to show that you are a good listener who is open to the opinions of others, and that you are able to take initiative and drive the task towards.

The document checking exercise is an individual, timed task. You will be given a page of text or data and asked to highlight all the errors present.

For the next task, you'll be provided with a case study and a selection of relevant materials, such as client correspondence, emails from colleagues, reports, and articles. You'll need to consider the information and reach a conclusion about the best path forward.

You will have a set amount of time to do this preparation and will then present your solution to a Baker McKenzie partner during an interview. You'll be asked questions about your judgements and the impacts and repercussions of your proposed course of action, so be prepared to defend your stance.

The final hurdle in the recruitment process is an associate interview. This will be a competency-based interview which will also touch upon your motivations.

Don't be shy about your achievements to date, and make sure to convey your enthusiasm for both commercial law and Baker McKenzie.

Before the interview, look over your application form and revisit the answers you gave in the video interview. You may well be asked to expand upon points you raised.

As always, prepare a few insightful questions to ask your interviewer – an interview should be a two-way exchange.

Sample Baker McKenzie Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

When introduced with a new technological tool that can improve the document review process, what would be the first step in implementing this tool within a legal firm?

  • Purchase the tool immediately and mandate its use across all cases without prior testing.
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis and facilitate a pilot project to test the tool’s effectiveness before wider implementation.
  • Reject any new tools as the traditional methods of document review are proven and sufficient.
  • Wait for competitors to adopt the tool first, then consider whether it has been effective for them.

In a situation where a new legal precedent allows for an alternative interpretation of contract disputes, how would you proceed to advise a client with existing contracts?

  • Advise the client to continue with current contracts as they are, since the contracts were created before the precedent.
  • Review the contracts to determine potential impacts due to the new legal precedent and advise if amendments are necessary.
  • Immediately terminate all existing contracts and renegotiate them based on the new precedent.
  • Ignore the new legal precedent as it has no real-world implications for existing contracts.

When presented with a set of legal arguments, what is the most effective method to determine which argument would be most persuasive in court?

  • Select the argument that aligns best with the personal values and beliefs of the legal team.
  • Assess past case law, the current legal framework, and the specific circumstances of the case to evaluate the strengths of each argument.
  • Choose the most complex legal argument as it is likely to be the most intellectually challenging for the opposition.
  • Rely solely on the most recent case similar in nature without considering other legal arguments or perspectives.

How should you approach a situation where the counterparty in a negotiation introduces terms that would considerably increase your client's liability?

  • Accept the terms to expedite the negotiation process and avoid conflict.
  • Refuse the terms instantaneously and threaten to leave the negotiation table.
  • Evaluate the proposed terms, assess the risks, and prepare counterproposals that aim to balance the interests of both parties.
  • Immediately inform the court about the unreasonable demands made by the counterparty.

Considering a scenario where new regulations impose additional duties regarding the transparency of financial reporting, which action would be most appropriate for a firm to take?

  • Ignore the new regulations until there is a legal challenge.
  • Implement changes to ensure financial reports are compliant with the new regulatory standards as soon as possible.
  • Advocate to legal authorities for the dismissal of the new transparency requirements.
  • Adopt the new practices only for reports that will be publicly disclosed and not for internal documents.

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Baker McKenzie Assessments Tips

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Time Management Mastery

In the legal world, efficiency is king. Our tests can help you get a handle on how to best manage those ticking seconds. With timed practice sessions, you’ll learn to read, analyze, and respond swiftly, providing a crucial edge in a time-sensitive assessment environment.

Review and Reflect

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Baker McKenzie Assessments FAQs

What requirements do I have to meet before applying?

Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university and be knowledgeable in the area of law that they are applying for. In addition, applicants should have strong verbal and written communication skills as well as research capabilities.

What skills do I need to work at Baker McKenzie?

To work at Baker McKenzie, applicants should possess strong analytical skills, an understanding of business and financial processes, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to think strategically.

Is it difficult to get a job at Baker McKenzie?

The firm has strict criteria when it comes to hiring, and only the most qualified applicants are selected for positions. In addition to having an impressive resume that highlights relevant work experience and academic achievements, applicants must also demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond in order to exceed expectations.

Where can I practice Baker McKenzie tests?

You can start practicing with our free Baker McKenzie tests - no credit card is required. All you need to do is sign up with an email address.