Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests gauge how adept you are at dealing with a variety of different mathematical problems.

  • What are numerical reasoning tests?

    Numerical reasoning tests were created to assess mathematical skill. Each test covers a variety of different numerical problems, anything from ratios and fractions to graphs, and always under timed conditions.

    Whether you’re confident with numbers or find them to be a challenge, practising numerical reasoning tests will help you set yourself up for personal success.

  • Why do employers use numerical reasoning tests?

    Unsurprisingly, numerical reasoning tests are most often associated with the application process for jobs in the financial sector.

    However, a number of law firms also use the tests to interpret how well you’re able to analyse statistical data and information.

    In general, employers use the tests to determine your basic mathematical skills, both in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Many law firms will use numerical reasoning tests at the interview stage, to sort through a large number of candidates efficiently and find those best suited to their firm.

  • What is the numerical reasoning test format?

    As with the majority of maths problems, numerical reasoning test questions are marked as either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ with no room for subjectivity. You’ll be up against the clock as you answer multiple-choice questions.

    With most numerical reasoning tests you can follow the ‘one question per minute’ rule, but at the beginning of the test, it's worth checking the allotted time and number of questions so you can assess how long you have to work on each problem.

  • What skills does numerical reasoning test?

    To put it simply, numerical reasoning tests are all about the maths. You can expect to see fractions, ratios, estimations, percentages, data analysis and graph interpretation as well as data analysis.

    Practising numerical reasoning tests as often as you can is always a good idea. Not only will it help you do your best on the test day, it’ll also teach you how important preparation is - an essential skill in the world of law.

    We recommend practising our tests in a quiet room and timing yourself so you get a good feel for how well you do under pressure.

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Numerical Reasoning Test FAQs

How are numerical reasoning tests scored?

Nearly all numerical reasoning tests use raw or comparative scoring. Raw scoring is when any correct answers you’ve got are displayed as a percentage ratio. Comparative scoring looks at your individual result against the results of everyone else who took the test.

What are numerical reasoning tests used for?

Numerical reasoning tests measure how well you understand and can answer common mathematical problems. Addition, subtraction, data analysis and equations are just some of the areas you’ll work through. The results of the numerical reasoning tests are then assessed by the relevant people, so they can determine whether you have the skills needed for the legal job you’re applying for.

What do numerical reasoning tests involve?

Numerical reasoning tests cover a whole range of mathematical problems. You might be asked to answer questions on fractions or ratios, to work out percentages or show off your data analysis skills. The test may also require you to interpret and analyse data sets, graphs and tables.

What do numerical reasoning tests measure?

A lot of legal work requires the use of mathematical skills - skills such as thinking logically, and working through complex problems accurately. A numerical reasoning test measures all of these things, as well as specific mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction and fractions.

Where can I practice numerical reasoning tests?

Our website has a huge number of practice numerical reasoning tests. The more you complete, the more likely you are to get a score you’re pleased with on the day. With our practice tests, not only do you find out the correct answers, you’ll also receive hints and tips that’ll help you tackle those tougher problems.

Which employers use numerical reasoning tests?

Although it may seem surprising that legal firms set numerical reasoning tests as part of their recruitment process, many of the skills needed in the legal sector are found in those with strong numerical aptitude.