About Us | Law Tests

Finding websites that offer practice psychometric practice tests is easy. It's far less easy to find websites with practice tests specifically designed for the legal industry – and with positions tending to be very competitive, most large law firms use some form of psychometric testing.

Hence in 2020 we founded Law Tests, with the objective of providing a resource for practice aptitude tests designed to help law candidates get an edge in the application process.

We are driven to help candidates land their dream job in the legal industry. As such, we offer a suite of test packages tailored to firms such as DLA Piper , Clifford Chance and Hogan Lovells. We also cover the major test publishers, so you're ready for any test that comes your way.


Each of our tests has been written by a chartered occupational psychologist, with experience developing tests for major publishers like SHL , Korn Ferry and Kenexa. This has allowed us to create a range of aptitude test packages that accurately reflect the real tests you will find during the recruitment process.

Our practise tests, accompanied by any career hub and jobs board, will ensure that you're as prepared as possible for your career in the legal industry.

Law Tests has already helped candidates all over the world prepare for psychometric testing in the application process. We want to continue to grow our site, so we can help more people – whether you are just starting your career, or making your next career move.


Taking a free test is a great start. Then if you need more practice, becoming a Pro member will ensure you are fully prepared for application tests.