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About Allen and Overy

Allen & Overy is a global law firm operating in over 30 countries worldwide. The firm provides legal expertise in 11 sectors across seven international practices.

As well as legal services, Allen & Overy also offer additional client services such as consulting, flexible resourcing, legal function transformation, and scaled solutions.

The firm has the ambition to be the world's most advanced law firm and prides itself on its diversity, inclusion, and community values. All of the 5500 employees at Allen & Overy are encouraged to be themselves at work, to work collaboratively, and strive for excellence in their work. In return, Allen & Overy encourage everyone to pursue their interests outside of work, recognising there is more to life than work.

The firm's ambition is to be the world's most advanced law firm. It has been placed in the top three of the Financial Times Innovative Law Firm ranking for many years and recruits those who share its innovation ethos.

Allen and Overy Application Process

The Allen & Overy recruitment process is a four or five stage process comprising of:

  • Online application form
  • Situational judgment test
  • Competency-based interview
  • Case study interview
  • Final interview

The format of the process may vary according to the programme applied for or the country that a candidate applies to. Allen & Overy offer various programmes to candidates; however, candidates can only apply for one training programme each year.

Allen and Overy Online Application

Allen & Overy offers five student schemes. Eligibility for these schemes depends upon the year of study a student is in.

Applications for all Allen & Overy roles are made through their dedicated online recruitment site. Candidates search for their preferred role, register and create an online account, then make their application.

The application form, like many, requests a candidate's contact, academic, and employment details, if any. While this is straightforward to document, it is always advisable to double-check the details once you've entered them. This will mean that there are no errors in contact details being used to contact candidates should they be invited to the next stage of the process.

The next stage of the application process asks candidates to answer an application question. This is generally on why a candidate wants to work at Allen & Overy, a challenge they have faced, or a commercial awareness question around what they know about the legal sector or issues currently facing the sector.

It is worth noting that while a candidate's interest in Allen & Overy is assessed at the application stage, written communication is also assessed, so ensure that there are no mistakes before submitting the application form.

Allen and Overy Situational Judgement Test

Upon submission of the online application form, candidates are invited to sit a situational judgment test.

This test is a 20 minute timed test and asks a series of scenario-based questions. Candidates are presented with questions based on situations similar to those they would expect to encounter when working at Allen & Overy.

A set of multiple choice answers is given for each question, and candidates select the one they believe to be the best answer based on how they would react in the given situation.

It is always advisable to practice situational judgment tests before sitting the test itself. That is so you are familiar with the format and the style of questioning. Always practice under timed conditions to simulate the time pressure you face in the actual test.

When taking a situational judgment test, make sure you read the question and multiple choice answers carefully. Select the one that you believe to be the best solution according to how you prefer to work. Questions will be asked in various ways but will be assessing the same competency, so do not second guess what you believe the recruiter wants to see.

Be honest with your answers as this will give an accurate picture of how you prefer to work.

Allen and Overy HR Interview

If successful at the online application and situational judgment test, candidates are invited to attend an interview. This interview varies in format according to the programme applied for and could be via telephone or part of an assessment day.

The interview is competency-based, as well as discussing the responses detailed on the application form. The interview focuses on the competencies and skills that Allen & Overy look for in their applicants as well as assessing a candidate's understanding of the firm, the legal sector, and their commercial awareness.

Before the interview, it is important to review the skills and competencies required for the role. Prepare examples of recent situations that you have been in that demonstrate the skill or competency being assessed.

Allen and Overy Business Case Study Interview

The business case study is generally part of the Allen & Overy assessment day.

This interview is based on a real-life scenario faced at the firm. The case study is presented as a brief. Candidates are given time to prepare answers to the questions asked. The answers are then discussed with the interviewer.

The case study interview aims to assess a candidate's interest and enthusiasm for work in the legal sector. Also, to assess how well a candidate can interpret information, synthesise and logically present their findings.

When preparing for case study interviews, practice discussing business cases. In the case study itself, listen to what the interviewer is asking and use any additional information during the case study interview to inform your thinking.

Allen and Overy Final Interview

Some roles at Allen & Overy include a final interview with a business representative or partner at the firm.

Again, this interview will centre around your motivations for applying to Allen & Overy, assess your commercial awareness of what is happening in the legal sector and any issues that may affect Allen & Overy. The interview will also include competency-based questions on the skills and competencies required for the role.

It is important to remember to ask questions at the end of the interview; this shows your interest in the role. It also demonstrates your willingness and commitment to working at Allen & Overy.

Sample Allen & Overy Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

A researcher is comparing details within a legal document which states that all privileged correspondence should remain confidential unless disclosure is mandated by law. If an upcoming case involves an email exchange between an attorney and their client, under which condition might this email be excluded from confidentiality?

  • The client shared the email with a colleague.
  • The law mandates disclosure of such emails.
  • The attorney thinks it might benefit the case to disclose the email.
  • The email contains irrelevant personal information.

Consider a situation where a legal clerk is tasked with categorizing cases by the nature of the contractual dispute involved. If the clerk observes the pattern that cases involving service contracts are assigned a green flag, employment contracts a blue flag, and lease contracts a red flag, what color flag would be assigned to a new case involving an employment contract?

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

If a paralegal is reviewing a sequence of steps taken for compliance in a merger and notices that the first step is evaluating contracts, followed by a review of company assets, and then an assessment of liabilities, what would most likely be the fourth step in this series?

  • Drafting a merger agreement
  • Returning to the evaluation of contracts
  • Dismissing the liability assessment
  • Taking a break

A law firm's financial analyst is given data showing the average billable hours for attorneys in certain departments. The dispute resolution department averages 150 hours per month, the corporate department 130 hours, and the real estate department 110 hours. If an attorney in the corporate department increases their billable hours by 15% for a month, how many hours will they have worked?

  • 149.50 hours
  • 130.00 hours
  • 140.45 hours
  • 150.00 hours

During a case meeting at a law firm, the managing partner emphasizes the need for thorough documentation of all negotiation proceedings. When reviewing a summary of negotiation tactics, one passage reads: 'Successful negotiators are those who document not only the final agreement but also the key stages of the negotiation, including initial positions, concessions made, and the rationale behind each decision.' What is the primary intent of the author?

  • To highlight the importance of the final agreement
  • To demonstrate ways to make concessions
  • To instruct on how to be a successful negotiator
  • To discuss the rationale behind decisions

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Allen & Overy Assessments Tips

Know the Legal Landscape

Allen & Overy isn't just another law firm; it's a global institution. Make it your mission to understand the specifics of the firm's key sectors and practices. Use that knowledge to identify legal trends, jargon, and case precedent that may be relevant. Show that you're not just prepared for a test, but you're ready to add value from day one.

Precision Matters

In the world of law, every detail counts — and that's doubly true for legal sector tests. Answer with precision; your responses should showcase your ability to communicate effectively and succinctly. Think like a lawyer: clear, precise, and to the point.

Time Management Is Key

Legal tests not only measure your knowledge but also how efficiently you can organize and express it within time constraints. While practicing with Law Tests, keep an eye on the clock. It's as much about working smart as it is about working fast. Balancing speed and accuracy is the golden rule.

Stay Calm Under Pressure

High-stakes environments are part and parcel of a career at Allen & Overy. It's crucial to stay collected during your prep and the real deal. Practice mindfulness or stress-reduction techniques to ensure your nerves don't knock your knowledge out of the spotlight.

Leverage Feedback

Every practice exam on Law Tests comes with detailed feedback — make it your ally. Each review can illuminate a path to improvement, allowing you to approach your next attempt with extra insight. Take the feedback to heart, identify patterns and actively work on your areas of weakness.

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Allen & Overy Assessments FAQs

How long does the Allen & Overy recruitment process take?

The length of the Allen & Overy recruitment process can vary depending on the role you're applying for and the number of candidates being considered for the same position. As the application process has many stages, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

What does Allen & Overy look for in a candidate?

Allen & Overy looks for candidates that can demonstrate enthusiasm to work in the legal field, commercial awareness, excellent written and verbal communication, and the ability to make appropriate decisions under pressure.

Is it possible to fail the Allen & Overy situational judgement test?

Yes, it is. Your answers will paint an accurate picture of the way in which you prefer to work, so if they do not align with Allen & Overy's values and culture, you will not progress to the next stage of the application process.

Why should I work at Allen & Overy?

At Allen & Overy, you can work alongside experienced lawyers and develop your legal knowledge exponentially by learning from them directly. Working at a large firm like Allen & Overy will also give you exposure to clients from diverse backgrounds and industries ranging from tech startups to banking conglomerates.

Where can I practice Allen & Overy tests?

You can start practicing with our free Allen & Overy tests - no credit card is required. All you need to do is sign up with an email address.