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About Ashurst

Ashurst was founded in 1822 and its vision has always been to be the most progressive global law firm in the world.

With 29 offices worldwide, 3,600+ employees, and 400+ partners you can find plenty of career opportunities in law at this organisation.

Ashurst advises corporations, financial institutions and governments on their most complex transactions, disputes and projects offering reach and insight into a global network.

Their shared values help define their law firm's culture and drive the way they work with one another, clients and wider stakeholders.

Their core values are:

  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Thinking differently

If you are considering a new career in law or furthering your existing one, you might want to consider applying to Ashurst.

Ashurst Application Process

The Ashurst application process requires you to submit an online application and complete a series of tests.

These online assessments include:

  • Cognify test
  • Values fit test
  • Emotify test

Ashurst Online Application

The online application requires you to answer a series of questions as well as provide information from your CV.

It's important to provide concise responses to the online application, including your insights into the industry and details about yourself such as education and work experience.

Successful applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be required to complete an online assessment.

Ashurst Revelian Online Assessment

Revelian is a popular test publisher for employers looking to test a variety of aptitude and competencies of candidates. They typically provide the assessments for large legal firms and companies with tests to assess numerical, cognitive, verbal and abstract reasoning.

It's important to be prepared for any online assessment, which is why practicing tests beforehand can be critical to your success.


The cognify test requires you to complete a variety of online games. The games help Ashurst measure your problem-solving and analytical skills.

Cognify uses game-based assessments to measure a number of abilities that directly link to your ability to succeed in a role. Cognitive tests assess your ability to read, learn, remember, think, reason and pay attention.

On a typical cognitive ability test, you might answer questions on any of these topics:

The assessment consists of a few short games and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Ashurst Values Fit / Values Inventory

The values fit test assesses an employee's values and if they would be a good cultural fit in the law firm. Your work ethic, drive, and key work factors play an important role in ensuring the best cultural fit for yourself and Ashurst.

Your work-related values are compared with the values of Ashurst. The match (known as cultural fit) is linked to commitment such as loyalty to and the desire to stay with Ashurst.

The test asks you to rank different characteristics of your dream job from most important to least important. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete although it is un-timed. There are no right or wrong answers but it's important to be strategic when ranking the items and reflect on the values of the company.

The culture at the firm is key to reflect on for this test. Ashurst focuses on personality and pride themselves on the social and supportive aspects of the firm.


The emotify assessment is a mini-series of game-based tests that measure the emotional intelligence of candidates.

The two tests include:

  • Matching Faces
  • Emotional Ties

Matching faces involves assessing the emotion displayed on a person's face.

Emotional Ties provides you with a number of different situations where you must predict the types of emotional results that come from these situations (similar to a situational judgement test).

The purpose of the assessment is to see how well you perceive emotions and can understand the connections between emotions, and situations which can lead to specific reactions.

Emotify is timed and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Ashurst Interview and Assessment

If you successfully pass the online assessments you may be invited to the Ashurst office to complete a case study and interview.

For the case study, you should try to sharpen your commercial awareness as a way to prepare. You only get one hour to complete the case study task. Try to ensure that you answer the case study fully, giving both sides of the argument.

The interview is approximately one hour with a member of HR and an Associate or Senior Associate.. The interviewers want to know more about your personality, management styles, and thought process.

Be prepared to discuss these points and answer motivational questions such as why Ashurst? Why commercial law? Why do you want to be a solicitor?

You should also know your CV well so you can answer questions about it. One tip is to put special emphasis on the ability to work in a team as this is a common characteristic looked for in the law industry.

You will also have a tour of the Ashurst office.

Sample Ashurst Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

If a court allocates 3 days to a case that partakes for 6 hours a day, and another case is estimated to take twice as long, how many days should the court allocate if the cases take place for 4 hours a day?

  • 9 days
  • 6 days
  • 12 days
  • 18 days

A legal firm has budgeted $600,000 for litigation costs over the next quarter. If 40% of this budget is allocated to personnel expenses, how much has been allocated for non-personnel expenses?

  • $240,000
  • $360,000
  • $600,000
  • $400,000

A paragraph excerpt related to a legal case states, 'The defendant exercised due diligence in ensuring all operations complied with regulatory standards.' What can you infer about the defendant's approach to business practices?

  • The defendant was negligent in following regulations.
  • The defendant ignored compliance issues intentionally.
  • The defendant adhered to required regulations.
  • The defendant was unaware of the regulatory standards.

Assume there are four types of legal contracts: A, B, C, and D. If a contract can either be approved (A) or rejected (R), and contract A follows contract B but precedes contract C, which of the following sequences is valid if contract D is approved?

  • B(R), A(A), D(A), C(R)
  • B(A), D(A), A(A), C(R)
  • C(A), B(R), D(A), A(R)
  • A(R), C(A), B(A), D(A)

During a fiscal year, a law firm noticed a 25% increase in the number of cases handled compared to the previous year. If the total number of cases handled this year is 250, how many cases were handled last year?

  • 200 cases
  • 50 cases
  • 300 cases
  • 225 cases

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Ashurst Assessments Tips

Familiarize with the Format

Each test has its quirks, and Ashurst is no different. Brush up on the types of questions you'll encounter and get comfortable with the layout. Law Tests offers a platform that's built to give you an authentic testing experience, so when the big day arrives, you'll be navigating through the real exam like a pro.

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Even the brightest minds can falter under a ticking clock. Time management is crucial in Ashurst's tests. Practice pacing yourself with Law Tests' timed exams to ensure that you can demonstrate your aptitude without the pressure getting to you.

Understand the Question

Misinterpreted questions are often the downfall of many applicants. Take the time to carefully read each question on Law Tests' practice assessments. It may seem simple, but understanding is half the battle won. Our practice tests will teach you to look for nuances and details that make all the difference.

Analyze Your Performance

Reflection is key. With Law Tests, you don't just get scores; you get insights into your performance. Use this feedback to identify areas where you excel and, more importantly, areas you need to improve. Continuous evaluation and reflection are steps towards mastery.

Stay Calm and Confident

Nerves can unsettle even the most prepared applicants. Remember, practice breeds confidence. The more you practice with Law Tests, the calmer you'll feel. You've prepared for this, and you know what to expect. With each test you take, build that confidence, so it carries you through the actual assessment with ease.

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Ashurst Assessments FAQs

Where can I practice Ashurst psychometric tests?

You can sign up for our platform to practice Ashurst-style assessment questions for free. Our tests assess a variety of abilities that will be evaluated in Ashurst's Cognify test including, numerical, verbal and logical reasoning.

Why does Ashurst use online tests?

Online tests provide Ashursts with a more objective way of gaining insights into a candidate's potential for success than traditional hiring practices such as interviews or CV reviews. They also allow you to demonstrate the skills that make you a valuable candidate for the position you're applying for.

Why should I apply for a job at Ashurst?

At Ashurst, you can expect an environment that prioritizes professional development and encourages innovation. And as part of their value-driven culture, they provide excellent benefits and career progression schemes for employees who demonstrate their commitment to the firm.

Do I need a 2:1 degree to get hired at Ashurst?

Ashurst looks for candidates with excellent academic backgrounds and so having a minimum of 2:1 is usually essential if you want to work there.