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Part of the leading assessment company Korn Ferry, Talent Q is an assessment provider used by many big legal firms. Their tests are a little different, as the questions intuitively adapt to your capabilities. This means that the questions you are answering will get harder or easier depending on how you’re answering until it finds the right level for you. With just 16 minutes to complete the test, it’s important to work quickly and accurately through the questions. Below is a more comprehensive overview of the test packages Talent Q offers:

Talent Q elements

There are three tests: numerical, verbal and logical, but you may not have to complete all three (it depends on the role you’re applying for). Each test has between 12-15 questions, which vary in complexity. These tests are often used in the recruitment of managerial and high-level positions.

Talent Q dimensions

Talent Q’s 25 minute personality test examines your personality by asking you to respond to 160 different statements across the following areas:

  • Tasks and projects
  • Drives and emotions
  • People and relationships

Talent Q aspects and abilities

This series also has three different tests: verbal, numerical and checking. However, these are quick and easy online tests that each take between 5-10 minutes to complete.


Talent Q also offers a personality test, otherwise known as Styles, which is a competency-based questionnaire. It uses 16 different personality traits to determine what kind of character you are, and how suitable you are for the role you’re applying for.

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Get instant access to Talent Q tests written by accredited psychologists working in the legal industry.

  • 100s of questions

    Huge vault of Talent Q questions to help you practice until your heart’s content.

  • All test types

    Full array of numerical, verbal, diagrammatic, logical, situational and personality tests.


Quickly improve your scores

We’ve included a whole range of tools to help you learn as quickly as possible.

  • Fully worked solutions

    We provide detailed step-by-step solutions to every single Talent Q question so you can improve your performance as quickly as possible.

  • Intelligent learning system

    Compare your Talent Q scores with others and track your progress using your personal analytics dashboard.


Secure your dream job

All our Talent Q tests are targeted at helping you acquire the job you want.

  • Real life mock tests

    We’ve created specific Talent Q tests for each of the top employers and test publishers used in the legal industry today.

  • Actual test simulations

    Practice under exam conditions with timed tests designed to simulate the precise experience you’ll face.

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Talent Q Assessment FAQs

Where can I practice free Talent Q test questions?

You can try practice Talent Q tests using our online platform which offers a variety of free test questions to try - no credit card sign-up required.

How are the results of the Talent Q tests used by employers?

Talent Q test results are used to assess a candidate's cognitive abilities, work-related skills, and personality traits. Your employer will use your test results to compare to other candidates and make shortlisting decisions based on a number of factors including your results.

What do I need to take the test?

You will receive an online link via email to take the test. You should ensure you have created an exam-like working environment to maximize your ability to concentrate on the test questions. A good internet connection is also recommended.

Are the tests difficult?

Talent Q tests are challenging but there are no passes or fails. You'll be given a test score which an employer will use to compare to their own benchmarks and other candidate test results. Ultimately, the decision to move forward with your application will be decided by the test administrator.