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About Simmons and Simmons

Simmons & Simmons is an international law firm that offers expertise in finance, technology, healthcare and life science, and asset and investment management. The institution is more than 120 years old and has teams all over the world. The idea is for lawyers to “collaborate daily to share everything they know, from local knowledge to sector expertise".

Simmons and Simmons have been recognised by The Times as a Top 50 Employer for Women for the sixth time; and are ranked as one of the top 14 Stonewall Top Global Employers.

With an impressive portfolio, Simmons & Simmons work with top FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as advising many of the top investment banks. If you're looking to land your dream job, our useful guide helps explain the application process and how you can pass your tests successfully.

Simmons and Simmons Application Process

Being such a prestigious law firm, Simmons & Simmons has a high-performance culture which means they are looking for top people who can progress using their strong and clear career path.

That means you will need to do plenty of preparation to do well in the application process.

Simmons and Simmons Online Application Form

Just like most jobs, you'll need to complete an online application with detailed information about your education, work experience and current achievements. Make sure you do this before the application deadline and give yourself plenty of time.

In addition to completing your application form, you'll be sent a situational judgement test. The test and application form is to help shortlist the high volume of applications Simmons & Simmons receive.

Simmons and Simmons Aptitude Tests

Simmons and Simmons use Talent Q aptitude tests in their selection process:

Simmons and Simmons Situational Judgement Test

Situational judgement tests (SJT's) assess your ability to handle challenging scenarios that might come up in a professional work environment. The main purpose of this test is to ensure your working style fits Simmons & Simmons.

Candidates typically complete the test within 30 minutes. You will typically require a minimum score before you progress to the next round - typically a score in the top 50% of applicants is needed to get you shortlisted.

If you are shortlisted you'll be sent two more tests and participate in a video interview.

Simmons and Simmons Talent Q Verbal Reasoning Test

The talent Q verbal reasoning test will test your abilities to comprehend text and information. You'll then be asked multiple-choice questions typically with the answers true, false, or cannot say. It's important to read the text thoroughly and not make assumptions.

Comprehension is a key skill when reading legal documents so it's very important you practice and build confidence answering these types of questions. There are two types of verbal reasoning tests - verbal critical reasoning and reading comprehension. It's best to prepare for both.

Simmons and Simmons Talent Q Logical Reasoning Test

The Talent Q logical reasoning test measures your problem-solving abilities in the context of typical workplace scenarios in a law firm. The purpose of the test is to assess your logical thinking and your ability to come to conclusions from the information provided.

This is a timed assessment with multiple-choice answers - you must answer true or false based on the evidence provided.

Simmons and Simmons Video Interview

The video interview is based on why you want to work in commercial law and in particular why this firm. You'll be interviewed about their values and competencies and how you have demonstrated this in your previous work experience. You should be prepared to discuss relevant trends and topics in law and why it interests you - they are looking for future employees who are passionate and proactive.

Simmons and Simmons Assessment Centre

In the final stages, you'll be given an opportunity to visit Simmons & Simmons London office to meet the partners, associates and trainees, and participate in an immersive assessment centre. The day's purpose is for both you and the organisation to assess if you are a right fit for each other.

Assessments include role-play exercises, competency interviews, a case study, and an in-tray exercise. With these assessments in mind, it's important to come prepared and really know why you want to work here.

Simmons and Simmons Role Play Exercises

You might be asked to participate in a one-to-one or group role-play activity where you will need to act out an imaginary scenario that closely resembles a typical work situation that could occur in the job at your law firm.

Examples of typical role-play exercises might include:

  • An angry client
  • A dissatisfied manager
  • A disgruntled employee
  • A failing legal case

Simmons and Simmons In-Tray Exercise

In-tray exercises are designed to test and measure specific competencies, so it helps to try and identify what you are actually being tested on. An in-tray exercise is a simulation of a typical scenario that you might face in your chosen role. You are required to interpret and process the given information and then make the best-informed decisions on a number of tasks.

Simmons and Simmons Competency Interview

Competency-based interviews (sometimes referred to as behavioural or situational questions), require you to answer questions about the specific skills you have used in your previous roles and discover how you approach problem-solving and challenges.

Questions might include:

  • Can you tell me an example of a time when you have been required to negotiate?
  • What's the biggest mistake you've made and how did you overcome it?
  • Tell me about a time you worked as part of a team?

Simmons and Simmons Case Study

The case study part of the assessment can either be for individuals or groups. Similarly to other tests, you'll be given a work-related scenario and asked to examine the evidence before presenting your findings and solutions. This might be verbally (in a presentation or interview) or in written form. You might be told additional information during the assessment which will test how you respond to change.

Sample Simmons & Simmons Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

After analyzing a complex case, an attorney concludes that since every outcome benefits one party at the expense of another, a completely equitable resolution is impossible. This reasoning is best described as:

  • Zero-sum thinking
  • Reductive reasoning
  • Binary logic
  • Mutually exclusive rationale

A legal counsel is drafting a contract and is considering the implications of adding an indemnity clause. Which of the following best reflects the purpose of such a clause?

  • To prevent one party from being held responsible for certain damages or losses.
  • To ensure the contract is legally binding on all parties.
  • To delineate the services or goods being provided under the contract.
  • To define the payment terms between the contracting parties.

In a legal argument, if the precedent is said to 'stand on shaky ground,' what does this imply about the precedent?

  • The precedent has been overruled by a higher court.
  • The precedent is controversial and subject to differing interpretations.
  • The precedent is well-established and unlikely to be challenged.
  • The precedent is newly established and has not yet been cited in other cases.

During a trial, the defense's strategy relies on casting doubt on the reliability of the evidence presented. This approach is an example of which logical technique?

  • Affirming the consequent
  • Appeal to authority
  • Argumentum ad hominem
  • Argument from ignorance

A lawyer claims that 'No valid contract exists without consideration from all involved parties.' This statement is structured as:

  • A categorical syllogism
  • A disjunctive syllogism
  • A hypothetical syllogism
  • An argument from analogy

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Simmons & Simmons Assessments Tips

Know Your Legal Eagles

Simmons & Simmons isn't just any legal firm; it's a nexus of global expertise in sectors like finance and technology. This means you'll be expected to have not just general legal knowledge, but a keen understanding of the specific industries they serve. Dive into their case studies, brush up on sector-specific regulations, and show that you can speak their language.

Think Like a Simmons Lawyer

The firm prides itself on collaboration, so it's essential you demonstrate this in test situations. Show that you're ready to collaborate by practicing tests in group settings when possible, and always think about how your expertise could complement a global team.

Local Knowledge Is Global Power

From New York to Tokyo, Simmons & Simmons works with nuances in local law and international prowess. Display your understanding of various legal systems and how they interplay with each other, which will showcase your ability to handle cases that cross borders—something Simmons & Simmons values highly.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The pace at Simmons & Simmons can be intense, mirroring the fast-moving sectors they work in. Practice staying calm under pressure with timed tests. This will help you stay level-headed during the real thing, demonstrating you can handle the heat in high-stakes environments.

Brush Up on the Basics

While specialty knowledge is key, don't forget the fundamental legal principles. Use Law Tests to ensure your foundational legal knowledge is as strong as your sector-specific acumen. Having a robust grasp of core legal concepts signals that you're a reliable pair of hands for any task.

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Simmons & Simmons Assessments FAQs

Where can I practice Simmons and Simmons May tests?

You can start practicing with our free Simmons and Simmons tests - no credit card is required. All you need to do is sign up with an email address.

What skills is Simmons & Simmons looking for in a candidate?

The ideal candidate will be an excellent communicator who can effectively interact and collaborate with clients, colleagues and the wider team. They will also have strong attention to detail and possess great problem-solving skills.

When can I reapply if my application was unsuccessful?

The answer to this question will depend on the specific role and department that you are interested in. If your application for a vacation scheme has been unsuccessful you must wait until the next year. For other roles, it is best to wait at least three months before reapplying.

Do I need to complete a vacation scheme to receive a training contract offer?

Yes, the firm requires applicants to have completed a vacation scheme before they are eligible to receive an offer of a training contract. The firm offers its own vacation scheme which allows applicants to get hands-on experience in its working environment.

Will my application be considered if I don't have any legal work experience?

The answer is yes. However, you still need to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to take on this role. It could be beneficial to highlight any transferable skills gained from volunteering or internship positions you have held, or even make reference to research projects or other activities which show your enthusiasm for law and commitment to making a successful career out of it.