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About Browne Jacobson

Browne Jacobson is a law firm with offices across England and in Dublin, and the firm has a long history of providing legal services, having been founded back in 1832.

Browne Jacobson works across several different key sectors:

  • Health

  • Insurance

  • Brands

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Financial Services

  • Technology

  • International

With more than 1,000 employees in six offices, there are multiple opportunities to join the team at Browne Jacobson, whether you are an experienced legal professional or looking to start your career. There are also positions available for Business Professionals, providing essential services to support the firm and the staff, including HR, IT, Finance, Legal Support, Risk and Compliance, and Marketing.

The Future Lawyer programme is the hub of opportunities for people who are looking to get started on their career as a lawyer. There are several different employment streams and internship options, depending on where you are in your career.

The two most used routes into Browne Jacobson for Future Lawyers are:

  • Trainee Solicitor Pathway: This replaces the more typical Training Contract that you might find at other law firms; instead of just providing the two years of training required to complete the qualification, this also includes access to both parts of the SQL and is most suitable for those who have already completed a degree.

  • Solicitor Apprenticeship: School leavers can apply for the Solicitor Apprenticeship, which is a six-year programme covering all qualifications and experience that a Future Lawyer needs, combining study with hands-on experience and giving the apprentice the opportunity to get paid while they learn.

Other early careers options include pupillage, Virtual Work Experience, Summer Vacation Scheme, and FAIRE (Fairer Access Into Real Experiences), which is a programme designed to support social mobility, giving those from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to get insight into law through virtual events and paid work experience.

Working at Browne Jacobson comes with some great benefits, which are flexible to suit your needs, as well as a market-leading salary package. Some of the benefits include a pension scheme, plenty of paid leave options relating to family and children, private medical insurance and life assurance, as well as a range of health and wellbeing options.

Browne and Jacobson are also very committed to flexibility in terms of work/life balance, and for most positions, the opportunity exists to work from home as well as in the office.

Browne Jacobson Application Process

The application process at Browne Jacobson might vary slightly, depending on the role that you have applied for, but most of the early career opportunities will follow the below steps.

Browne Jacobson Online Application

Opportunities at Browne Jacobson are advertised on their careers website. Each job is listed with a full and detailed description of the role and responsibilities, as well as any particular criteria such as qualifications or experience that is needed.

To apply for one of these roles, you will need to complete an application form and send a CV.

The application form requires all your basic details, such as contact information, job history, and education, but there are also some questions included that you will need to answer. These questions are based on the specific requirements of the role, so you should make sure that you highlight your skills, aptitudes and competencies that match the details in the job description.

Applications are usually reviewed on a rolling basis, so make sure that you apply sooner rather than later.

Browne Jacobson Aptitude Test

If your application form matches the basic criteria of the job posting, then you will be invited to complete some aptitude tests. These are online assessments that are designed to evaluate particular things, such as numeracy and literacy, as well as your ability to think critically and make logical decisions. The tests that you take will depend on the type of role that you have applied for.

Browne Jacobson Verbal Reasoning Test

In a verbal reasoning test, you will be provided with some written information that you need to quickly read and understand. This is followed by a statement, and you need to decide if the statement is true or false according to the information provided.

This is a test of both your reading skills and your ability to use written information to make a decision. To be successful in a verbal reasoning test, you need to be able to use the data you are given (and not any knowledge that you might have on the subject) and reach a logical conclusion.

Browne Jacobson Situational Judgement Test

In a situational judgement test, you are provided with a work-based scenario where a problem or an issue needs to be resolved. You will get a description of the fictional but realistic problem, which is usually indicative of the sort of situations you might find yourself in when in the role, and this will be followed by several different courses of action.

In this assessment, you need to demonstrate the action that you would take to solve the presented problem. Some of the options might seem equally as good as the others, but this is about your problem-solving and judgment skills, and the answer you give will help the recruiters to see how you behave at work and how you approach a problem.

Browne Jacobson Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are not necessarily math tests, although you will be expected to complete some basic calculations to answer the question. You will be presented with some numerical information in the form of tables or graphs, and you will need to manipulate that data in the right way to find the answer from the multiple-choice options given.

You will need to be comfortable completing basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) as well as using percentages, decimals, fractions, and ratios to answer numerical reasoning questions correctly.

Browne Jacobson Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning assessments are all about your critical thinking skills, and a popular logical reasoning test is sometimes referred to as abstract reasoning.

In this type of test, you are presented with a series of shapes or images. These are in a sequence and will have an item missing. You need to find the rule or pattern that governs the sequence and apply it to find the missing item from the multiple-choice options presented.

This type of reasoning test needs you to be able to make logical decisions based on unfamiliar information by spotting patterns.

Other Browne Jacobson Tests

For some roles, there may be other online assessments that you will be required to complete. These can include:

  • In-tray exercise: This is usually for legal assistant or administration positions, and is all about your ability to multitask and prioritize when dealing with the workload.

  • Case study: After reading a scenario, you need to analyze it and present a solution

  • SWOT Analysis: You may be asked to complete a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis on yourself to demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of your abilities.

Browne Jacobson Virtual Interview

The next stage of the application process is the interviews. While some are face-to-face, most are conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams, and you will be sent a link to book in when it is most convenient for you.

During the virtual interview, you will be asked competency-based questions that you will need to answer by giving examples from your previous experience. The interviewers are looking for evidence that you have the skills and competencies that they require for the role.

To prepare for a virtual interview, you need to know exactly what the recruitment team wants from an applicant, and with Browne Jacobson, the extremely detailed job description is an excellent place to start. Think about times in your life when you have demonstrated those key skills and competencies because they will want you to describe these events in detail.

As it is a virtual interview, you need to make sure that your technology is working well (both audio and visual as well as your internet connection) and that you treat it in the same way you would a real interview. Dress to impress, ensure that your background is clear and free from distractions, and give your full attention to the interviewer and the interview process.

Browne Jacobson Assessment Center

The last stage of the application process is the Assessment Center. Again, this tends to take place virtually using Microsoft Teams.

During the Assessment Center, you will need to complete several different exercises and activities, both individually and as part of a group. Throughout the Assessment Centre, you will be under constant scrutiny from the recruitment team, and they will be looking for you to demonstrate certain interpersonal skills like communication and teamwork.

Some of the exercises that you are likely to face at the Assessment Center include:

  • Case study exercise: You will be given up to an hour to read a case study and prepare, and then you will be required to make a presentation based on your findings. You will also need to be ready to field questions about the solution you have chosen.

  • Written exercise: Under exam conditions, you need to prepare a written proposal outlining the best course of action for a fictional client to take, based on the information you are given as a brief.

  • Group exercise: Similarly to the case study, you will need to decide on the best course of action for a client to take - but this time you will need to work as a group rather than individually

  • Interviews: There are often second interviews that take place during the Assessment Day; these tend to be more about your skills and qualifications as well as getting to know you - so you can expect to talk more about your actual experience and the details in your CV.

Sample Browne Jacobson Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

In the context of a court ruling, if the 'ratio decidendi' is the legal reason for the court's decision, what role does 'obiter dictum' play in future cases?

  • It is a remark or observation made by a judge that, although included in the decision, does not form a necessary part of the court's decision
  • It stands as the definitive ruling that must be applied to future cases
  • It serves as an overarching legal provision that overrides particular laws
  • It is the summary of the facts of the case, provided for context

A client has been billed for a total of 12 hours of consultation at a rate of £150 per hour. However, due to a special agreement, the firm offers a 10% discount on the total hours billed. What is the final amount to be invoiced to the client?

  • £1620
  • £1800
  • £1530
  • £1350

If the term 'precedent' refers to a principle or rule established in a previous legal case that is persuasive or binding on the courts, what does 'statute' most likely mean?

  • A formal written enactment by a legislative authority
  • A historical document of no legal significance
  • A legal case involving international law
  • A judicial decision on a point of law

During a legal negotiation, two parties initially positioned at opposite ends reach an agreement after several rounds of discussion. Which logical fallacy should be avoided when interpreting this outcome as a success?

  • Argument to moderation
  • Appeal to authority
  • Straw man argument
  • Red herring

A paralegal is required to organize a set of four different legal documents. If each document needs to be reviewed before noon, and reviewing each one takes the same amount of time, which logical sequence should the paralegal follow to optimize the time used for reviewing?

  • Review the document due the soonest first
  • Review the document with the most pages first
  • Review the documents in alphabetical order
  • Randomly select the order of review

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Browne Jacobson Assessments Tips

Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Every test has its unique quirks, and the ones you’ll encounter when applying to Browne Jacobson are no exception. Spend some time on Law Tests to acquaint yourself with the layout and types of questions you’ll see. This way, on test day, you'll feel right at home with the format, and you can focus on showcasing your legal prowess.

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Legal tests come with a ticker; that's the clock, of course! You don’t want the sound of a ticking clock to be a surprise. On Law Tests, you can practice with timed sessions to get a good grasp of the pace you need to maintain. Time management is crucial, and practice can make it almost second nature when answering exam questions.

Brush Up on Key Legal Principles

Whether you're a seasoned legal professional or a fresh face to the field, it's always wise to revisit the fundamental legal principles before sitting for any law-related exam. Our practice tests on Law Tests include a range of questions that can help refresh your memory and ensure you have a strong base to draw from during the actual test.

Stay Calm and Confident

The pressure of a job application test can frazzle the best of us. A solid prep routine with the Law Tests' practice materials can help build your confidence. Remember, it’s as much about knowledge as it is about keeping your cool. The more calmly you tackle the questions, the clearer your mind will be to find answers.

Review and Reflect

Take the time to review your practice exam results. Not just the scores, look deeper. Identify where you slipped, and sharpen your skills in those areas. Law Tests provides detailed explanations for answers, which helps in understanding the reasoning behind them. Make reflection a part of your practice habit, and you'll see improvement.

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Browne Jacobson Assessments FAQs

Are Browne Jacobson logical reasoning tests difficult?

Logical reasoning tests are designed to be challenging, and the Browne Jacobson assessment is no different. These types of tests are used to assess candidates based on their abilities to reach logical conclusions based on limited or unfamiliar information, so you need to be able to think logically and critically about the information you are given to be successful.

What skills are assessed on the Browne Jacobson numerical reasoning test?

The Browne Jacobson numerical reasoning assessment is designed to evaluate your ability to draw logical conclusions based on numerical information. It is not a math test in itself, but you will need to be comfortable performing basic mathematical operations to be able to answer the questions correctly.

What does the Browne Jacobson situational judgement test measure?

Situational judgement tests are about your ability to make decisions that will help solve an issue. The test needs you to have good problem solving skills and sound judgment, and is also a good indicator of how you behave in the workplace, your preferred communication style, and how suitable you would be in a leadership position.

Where can I find practice Browne Jacobson assessments?

When you are facing the aptitude tests that are part of your Browne Jacobson application, the best thing you can do is prepare and practice - and the tests here at Law Tests are the perfect opportunity to hone your knowledge. Try it out first with our free trial and ace your Browne Jacobson application.