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About Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clark is an international law firm based in the UK, with offices across Europe, America and Asia. They employ approximately 1,600 people across 26 offices and have 900+ lawyers.

Osborne Clarke operates in a number of different sectors including:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • Retail and Consumer
  • Tech, Media and Comms
  • Transport and Automotive
  • Workforce Solutions

Recently voted “UK Law Firm of the Year” the firm believes they are only as good as their people – and therefore encourage diversity and invest in their employee's wellbeing. They aim to create an environment that motivates teams to be the best they can be and enjoy what they do.

If you are looking to join a law firm that wants to help you succeed in tomorrow's world, Osborne Clarke could be the place for you.

Osborne Clarke Application Process

The Osborne Clarke application process consists of the following stages of recruitment:

  • Online Application
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Assessment Centre
  • Group Discussion
  • Partner Interview
  • Watson Glaser Test

To do well, it is important you prepare for each stage of the recruitment process by understanding the format and what the assessor is looking for in each instance.

Osborne Clarke Online Application

To begin your application, you should carefully review the job specification to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

You will be asked to upload your CV and cover letter, as well answering a range of questions related to your work experience, educational background and why you want to work for Osborne Clarke.

It is important you carry out the basics like spell checking and avoiding errors in your application. Attention to detail is a key skill most law firms look for.

You are also encouraged to opt into completing the Rare Contextual System to allow you to share your achievements and be given added appreciation of the context in how they were gained.

Osborne Clarke Aptitude Tests

Osborne Clarke Verbal Reasoning Test

If you are successful, you may be invited to take part in a verbal reasoning test.

The test is provided by SHL who is a popular test publisher.

The verbal reasoning test is an effective assessment for Osborne Clarke recruiters to determine your ability to comprehend dense passages of information such as reports or emails.

To successfully score high on the test, you will be required to pull key information from text passages and answer questions on them to decide whether the information is true, false or cannot say.

Law firms typically use verbal reasoning tests to identify strong communicators and identify those who work well under pressure as the test is a timed assessment. They are also looking for candidates who can separate fact from fiction.

Osborne Clarke Watson Glaser Test

The Watson Glaser test is a type of critical thinking assessment published by TalentLens. The test is used for high-level jobs like law roles as it helps assess different areas of critical thinking.

Areas the Watson Glaser test includes:

  • Making assumptions
  • Making deductions
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Correct inferences
  • Evaluating arguments

The above skills are all necessary to perform well in a variety of law roles. You will have approximately 30 or 60 minutes, depending on which test you do. Each section is designed to test one of those above skill groups.

Assumptions tend to be the most difficult part of all the test questions, so it's advised to practice those types of questions beforehand.

Osborne Clarke Assessment Centre

The final stage of the recruitment process is an assessment centre day. This will consist of the following activities:

  • Group discussion
  • Partner interview
  • Watson Glaser test

Although it can be intense, Osborne Clarke encourages you to try and enjoy yourself. The assessment day is a great opportunity to network, learn more about the firm and get to know potential colleagues. They encourage you to bring your curiosity, stay open-minded and find some enjoyment from the day.

Assessment centres may be run virtually depending on circumstances.

Osborne Clarke Group Discussion

The group discussion is a chance to demonstrate your interpersonal and teamwork skills. You must strike the right balance between contributing value to a conversation as well as listening to others.

This is an important aspect of working at Osborne Clarke as you will be interacting with and meeting clients regularly.

Osborne Clarke Partner Interview

The next stage of the assessment centre is a partner interview. You will be asked a range of behavioural type work questions, as well as your motivations to work at Osborne Clarke.

You may find that the STAR interview technique is an effective method to structure your answers. Another tip is to do your research on the company and come well prepared to answer questions about your CV and application.

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Osborne Clarke Assessments FAQs

Why does Osborne Clarke use verbal reasoning tests?

Verbal reasoning tests allow Osborne Clarke to measure the communication and problem-solving skills of potential employees. It is used as an assessment of how well the candidate can absorb written information, think quickly and accurately, draw valid conclusions and make decisions based on the information presented.

How can I prepare for the partner interview?

Before attending an interview, you should research and become familiar with Osborne Clarke's core values, services and clients. Furthermore, brush up on any relevant case law which may be pertinent during your discussion with partners; this could give you an edge over other candidates as it shows your willingness to go above and beyond in your preparations.

Where can I practice Osborne Clarke tests?

You can start practicing with our free Osborne Clarke tests - no credit card is required. All you need to do is sign up with an email address.