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About Mayer Brown

Mayer Brown (originally known as JSM) is a global law firm that employs 1,800 lawyers across 26 cities across Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East. It is the 19th largest law firm in the world.

Founded in 1863, Mayer Brown has been advising the world's leading companies on their most complex deals and disputes.

In 2022, Mayer Brown was ranked in the IFLR1000's guide to the world's leading financial and corporate law firms, which also recognized 178 individual Mayer Brown lawyers.

If you are looking to join a diverse team of lawyers and globally recognised law firms you should consider a career at Mayer Brown.

Mayer Brown Application Process

Mayer Brown's recruitment process involves the following stages:

  • Online application
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Situational Strengths Test
  • Mayer Brown Job Simulation
  • Assessment Day

It's important to try and reflect the core values of Mayer Brown during each stage of the recruitment process. Do your homework beforehand and remember their key values, which are:

  • Commitment to client service
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • High-quality work

Mayer Brown Online Application

The online application is a typical online form that you would expect to use at most law firms to apply for a role. Questions about your work history and educational background are part of the online application.

You should pay particular attention to the cover letter and the interests and responsibilities section.

The covering letter is crucial - you should pick out what you think is the most relevant information to include such as:

  • Why do you want to work in law?
  • Why Mayer Brown?
  • What value could you add to Mayer Brown?
  • What they do and evidence of research about them

You may be subject to a telephone interview after your online application depending on the role you've applied for. If successful, you will be sent a series of online tests.

Mayer Brown Aptitude Tests

Mayer Brown Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test is a useful way to assess a candidate's ability to comprehend, analyse and understand key information for dense passages of information.

The ability to read and understand text under pressure are skills valued by Mayer Brown. You do not need prior knowledge of the text you are reading - you should only use the information provided.

It is the test-taker's job to decide if the information is true, false or you cannot say. The test helps Mayer Brown identify strong communicators and people who work well under pressure.

To prepare for this type of test you should practice lots of verbal reasoning tests so you can become familiar with the format and the requirements needed to score highly on the assessment.

Mayer Brown Situational Strengths Test

The situational strengths test (also known as an SJT or situational judgement test) is a multiple-choice assessment whereby candidates are given a range of workplace scenarios that they must make decisions on. Candidates then choose the best and worst response to a given situation. Often the situations will be closely related to their chosen role.

Decision making and work values are the core part of the assessment. Roles at Mayer Brown will require competent individuals who can make the right decisions under pressure.

Make sure you read the question carefully and try to determine what skill you're being assessed for. It can be helpful to remember the core values of Mayer Brown for scenarios that are challenging and not obvious or clear what the right answer is.

Mayer Brown Job Simulation

The Mayer Brown job simulation is an opportunity for candidates to experience what working for Mayer Brown is like. For the assessors, this will provide them with a glimpse of how you might perform if you were hired.

This may be in the form of an e-tray exercise or a variety of tasks and duties related to your role.

Mayer Brown Assessment Day

The assessment day is the final stage of the recruitment process so it's important to be well prepared for each stage and leave a positive impression in the assessor's mind about you.

Mayer Brown's assessment day consists of four main tasks, which are:

  • Written task
  • Group task
  • Fact find task
  • Final interview

Mayer Brown Written task

The written task involves a business analysis exercise (depending on your role). You will be provided with a case study to analyse and prepare a presentation about. The task is designed to assess your time keeping abilities as well as your commercial awareness and ability to follow instructions and understand a brief.

Mayer Brown Group task

The Mayer Brown Group Exercise assesses your teamwork skills and how you work with others in a group. You will be provided with a problem to solve or a question to answer and must work with your teammates to solve it.

It's important to be a great team player and find a balance between dominating and being passive and listening. The assessors are looking for someone who can contribute but not take over.

Mayer Brown Fact Find Task

This fact-finding task places you in a given scenario (similar to your role) and some information about it. You must ask an associate questions to come to the correct answer for the given scenario. The test assesses your abilities to think when new facts are placed in front of you.

The task itself requires methodical, logical and common sense thinking.

Mayer Brown Final Interview

The final part of the assessment day is an interview. You will be interviewed by two partners from Mayer Brown.

You will be asked a variety of questions including competency and commercial questions as well as your motivations for working in law and working with Mayer Brown. Preparation is key for the interview. You can also expect to be asked questions about your resume, your knowledge of the legal services industry and the current affairs of the firm.

We recommend using the STAR method (situation, task, action, response) to structure your answers during the interview.

Sample Mayer Brown Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

After reading the passage, which of the following actions would be most appropriate for a lawyer who has discovered a conflict of interest after agreeing to represent a client?

Ethical guidelines in the legal profession dictate that lawyers must avoid any conflicts of interest that can impair their judgment or compromise their loyalty to a client. When such a conflict is discovered, the lawyer has an obligation to take immediate and appropriate action to resolve the situation in a manner that upholds professional integrity and client trust.

  • Continuing to represent the client while keeping the conflict of interest confidential.
  • Promptly disclosing the conflict of interest to the client and seeking informed consent.
  • Immediately withdrawing from representing the client without providing an explanation.
  • Ignoring the conflict of interest as long as it does not affect the case outcome.

What is the primary purpose of enforceable non-compete agreements between law firms and their lawyers?

  • To prevent lawyers from disclosing sensitive information after they leave the firm
  • To ensure that firm clientele cannot be taken by a lawyer moving to a competing firm
  • To create additional revenue streams through legal action against former lawyers
  • To discourage lawyers from seeking employment with other firms

Which of the following best summarizes the main argument of the passage?

In recent legal discourse, there has been a burgeoning debate over the ethicality of attorney advertising. Some argue that it unduly commercializes the practice of law, diminishes the profession's dignity, and prioritizes financial gain over legal aptitude. Others counter that ethical advertising can democratize access to legal information, helping the public make more informed decisions about their legal representation.

  • Attorney advertising tarnishes the legal profession by prioritizing profit over skill.
  • There is a disagreement over whether attorney advertising is more harmful or beneficial to the public and the legal profession.
  • Ethical advertising by attorneys should be banned to maintain the profession's integrity.
  • Attorney advertising plays a crucial role in providing the public with necessary legal information.

Which of the following conclusions can be logically drawn from the statement that many large law firms have begun to prioritize environmental law practices due to increased global environmental concerns?

  • Environmental laws are likely becoming more complex and widespread.
  • Law firms are inherently passionate about environmental issues.
  • All large law firms are required to practice environmental law.
  • The global economy is declining due to environmental issues.

What inference can be made about the role of legal precedents in judging new cases?

  • Legal precedents provide a guide but are not strictly binding in all jurisdictions.
  • Judges are obligated to follow legal precedents in every case to ensure consistency.
  • Legal precedents have minimal impact on the outcomes of new cases.
  • New cases are typically settled by creating entirely new legal precedents.

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Mayer Brown Assessments Tips

Familiarize with the Format

Understanding the structure of legal sector exams is your ladder to success. At Law Tests, we curate practice tests that mirror the extensive range Mayer Brown is fond of. Start by getting comfortable with the types of questions you'll encounter so there are no surprises on exam day.

Details Matter

The legal field thrives on attention to detail, and so will your test. Carefully read through each question, and look out for those pesky details that could mean the difference between the right and almost-right answer. Practice pinpointing the main points in lengthy paragraphs to sharpen your skill.

Take Your Time

While it's important not to dawdle, rushing through questions can be your downfall. Time management is essential. Use our practice exams to gauge how long you spend on each question and train yourself to divide your time efficiently across the test.

Simulate the Exam Environment

The test atmosphere can be intimidating, and nerves tend to act up. Create an exam-like ambiance at home while you practice – find a quiet spot, time yourself and take breaks as you would in the actual test. This strategy will make the real deal feel like just another practice session.

Reflect and Revise

After every practice test at Law Tests, take a moment to reflect on areas you rocked, and ones that rocked you. Go over your answers, understand your mistakes, and revise the relevant material. Improvement is a continuous loop of practice, reflection, and refinement.

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Mayer Brown Assessments FAQs

What skills does the Mayer Brown situational strengths test evaluate?

The test measures an individual's ability to think critically under pressure while making decisions based on the situational context.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The recruitment process for a job at Mayer Brown can take around one month to complete. Depending on the number of applicants, it may take another few weeks until you are informed of the status of your application.

What are the requirements to apply for a vacation scheme?

Applicants must be studying towards an undergraduate degree related to the legal profession or have achieved at least 2:1 or equivalent qualifications. They must also demonstrate good communication skills and knowledge of key areas within the legal sector.

What are the key skills of a Mayer Brown lawyer?

The key skills that any successful lawyer must possess include:

  • Communication;
  • Research;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Creativity.
Where can I practice for the Mayer Brown tests?

You can start practicing with our free Mayer Brown tests - no credit card is required. All you need to do is sign up with an email address.